User Tweets From Your Webpages

After Google’s latest updates and given the increasing importance of social to the search engine results, it is becoming more and more important that a brand’s social engagements not only have excellent content for resharing but also to be keyword optimized for greater search results.


Almost every website and page now has a function for sharing, but the text that is reshared is often not utilized and rarely utilized well. Aaron Friedman, the SEO Manager at Spark, has an essay that provides some helpful hints about maximizing that space.

Normally reshares are just a regurgitation of the title of the web page. But if the title is not optimized well, then the reshare also fails to capture any percentage of search results. Having a default reshare of the title also leaves characters unused. Using much of 140 characters in a tweet is important. Friedman’s essay then goes so far as to provide a snippet of code that can be easily inserted into a webpage and affords the social media agency more control of the message that is reshared by the user.

Friedman does provide some best practices as well. The character count needs to be around 120 and not the full 140, allowing room for the user’s handle or some added text from them. Without the cushion then the user is more likely to just retweet the URL and remove the brand’s curated message. Do not spam keywords. There ought to be a coherent message that has keywords embedded. It is not an opportunity to just spread keywords around. Change the messages up. Keep them different and people will continue to come back and retweet messages.

Keep your messages short and switch them up

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