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Google’s Trusted Store Badge

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Google is rolling out a new icon on search results. Certain vendors will appear in search results with a medal immediately to the left of where the URL is. The medal icon is Google’s tip to the searcher that the site is a trusted store. A trusted store is supposed to make customers more at ease for ecommerce by demonstrating the site adheres to certain standards for customer protection including purchase protection.

Google Trusted Store Badge

To qualify for the status there is an application process. The business must then turn over a range of data to Google so the process is fair, not arbitrary and consistent among all the qualifying vendors. At the moment not all qualified stores are showing up with the badge, ostensibly so Google can test click results for the badges and not badged results. Google does say that participation in the program will not affect ad rankings in the AdWords process.

This is another good development for the social media agency. A small badge that can help users know firms have been transparent and satisfied certain criteria will helps users become more confident. As they have more and more beneficial experiences with ecommerce, then their overall willingness will also increase regardless of the ‘trusted store’ status of vendors. This is also not part of any new trend for unwilling vendors. The internet is increasingly making every business more transparent and this process should be encouraged. Overall it makes marketing in the internet more important, helping the social media agency.

Google Tests Trusted Store Program With AdWords