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Facebook Graph Searching Is Still Worthwhile

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Facebook is now touting Graph Search, which allows the user to search its social graph. For now it is not as robust as was expected, because results are heavily dependent on advertising and are limited to searching for people, places and interests. However, nobody is predicting this is the final stage for an ability to search Facebook’s large data pool. In fact at the press conference, Zuckerberg says it could be a business some day but for now it is merely an enhanced user experience.


One of the touted differences between this search function and what Google offers is an ability to search for answers and not just for links to the answers. The results seem to be similar to Sponsored Results, which was an earlier deployed advertising unit that returned Pages where the answer to the question might be found. Even though critics blast Sponsored Results for not returning relevant results, the ads were still quite effective offering click through rates ranging from .7% to over 4%.

Even with the lower end of those results analysts are optimistic for further advertising units that tap into the social graph. New ad units will improve on those results. The anticipation is that Facebook will eventually roll out a full fledge search function and even if it captures only 10% of the market, that will be an astonishing volume. The social media agency would be wise to begin using these new advertising units even if the only gain is an early learning about how Facebook treats its social graph.

Facebook Graph Search Puts Spotlight on Sponsored Results

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Bing Expands Its Snapshot Column

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

In a move that is another in a series of developments making it resemble Google’s search engine results page, Bing is adding more features to its Snapshot. Snapshot is the column between search results and the social sidebar. This column is made to resemble Google’s Knowledge Graph. Bing will now be expanding its Snapshot to include details about landmarks and people. Previously the Snapshot function was mainly limited to local businesses and events.


Because Google already has a similar service this move does not seem to tilt the market shares of the two search engines. If anything, it makes it harder for Bing to lose share to Google because Google offers the Knowledge Graph. What it does do is to help make the other features Bing brags about more attractive. If a person was attracted to those other features, then making the service more like the alternative keeps the user around for all her search needs. The educational marketing company can see this as a feather in Bing’s hat for future campaigns.

Bing Expands Its Snapshot To Include People & Landmarks

AdWords Now Matches Misspellings

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

The social media agency has for a long time now been composing AdWords ads that account for misspellings and plurals in search queries. An update allows AdWords to now automatically match keywords in ads for misspellings and plurals, but advertisers will be able to opt out of the new changes.


There are five areas the new changes will take effect within: misspellings, plurals, stemming (“single serve” to “single serving”), accent marks, abbreviations and acronyms. Google says these differences affect almost 7% of all searches. After a trial period with some advertisers, Google says there has been a noticeable gain in search clicks. The gain has been almost 3%.

The new format will take a few months to completely rollout, so advertisers have some time to figure out if they want to opt out of the new system. It will be the rare advertiser that does opt out of this update. This is good news for the social media agency not only because it may represent a 3% boost in search clicks, but it also means less work is needed when composing search ad campaigns. No longer will the agency need to anticipate errors in customer searches and instead the agency can focus on what customers want when searching.

Google will include misspellings automatically in AdWords keyword lists

Yahoo! Changes Its Search results

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011


In preparation for the holiday shopping season Yahoo! has updated how it reveals search results. The intention is to provide answers and not just links. Whenever a user conducts a search that might yield results about shopping, recipes or entertainment Yahoo! will then produce at the top of the search results information about the product instead of links to others.

This change will help its users better find what they are looking for. This should also attract more firms to beef up their budgeted dollars on Yahoo!. Where a firm could normally hope to be represented in Yahoo! search results or on advertising space with the network, now a firm’s products can be displayed at the very top of the search results. This premium spacing is not a paid-for space, but having a strong presence on Yahoo!’s rankings can help with placement there.

Holiday Results