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Smaller Social Networks Better for Consumption

Monday, August 20th, 2012

FaceBook clearly leads all social networks in sheer size and the volume of sharing and consumption of content. Smaller social networks, however, are much better for the social media agency that is trying to spread content and have people virally share a brand’s content.

Social Networks Art

In a survey which asked respondents if they use a certain social network for sharing or observing, respondents ranked observing on FaceBook as 20% higher than sharing. The easy marketing winner was Foursquare, where 44% of respondents use the network to share content instead of for observing content. Whereas LinkedIn is the loser in the sharing possibilities as most people are there to read about employment experiences. 68% of respondents say they use the network only for observing purposes.

The lesson for the social media agency is mainly about diversification. Having an item widely shared on FaceBook is the most lucrative because of the sheer broadcast potential. However, getting an item on FaceBook to achieve widely shared status is very difficult. The users on other social networks are much more wiling to share content, but the upside is smaller as there are less people to receive the broadcasts. If, however, the content can be specialized, then that can help boost its sharability. Foursquare’s applicability outside of restaurants tapers off and seems to be irrelevant if the digital marketing agency in question turns more and more big budget and/or white collar. These are all measures the social media agency needs to better evaluate when taking a client’s needs into stock.

Users of Smaller Social Sites Share, Consume More Content

Google+ To Pass Twitter and LinkedIn Within A Year

Friday, August 12th, 2011


A new study shows Google+ has now signed up 13% of American adults and within a year will likely register 22%. Even though Facebook can claim 71% of adults as users, Google+’s 22% would make it the number two social network in the US. Among users on both Google+ and Facebook, 30% plan to cut the amount of time they spend on Facebook.

The digital agency is still in sit and wait mode on Google+ and this data doesn’t change things. This data does speak to the continued enthusiasm for Google+ though as people like their news feeds about their friends and coworkers. The study also shows some user shrinkage in FaceBook’s immediate future though. For now only FaceBook offers an advertising option, but when that changes the digital agency can expect to see a jump in ROI from Google search advertising as G+’s social graph will help make that advertising much more effective.

Google+ Gaining Ground

FaceBook Begins Implementing Comment Advertisements

Monday, June 27th, 2011

FaceBook, the king of affective attachments, is experimenting with a new advertisement type that capitalizes on it as a platform for engagement. The ads are delivered like any other ad but appear like a status update. Viewers are then free to comment on those ads, and others will be able to see those comments.

Social media agencies should take advantage of these types of ads. Engagement has always been the key for brand advertising and FaceBook has been a great platform for creating that engagement. Until now, however, a user had to actively “like” a brand to have a place for engagement. There are a couple of reasons why some people who may actually be fans of a brand would hesitate to “like” the brand. Now, however, those hesitations are bypassed. These ads will probably make several companies a lot of money.

Mashable: Facebook Experiments With Comment Ads

LinkedIn Offers New Ad Types

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Like FaceBook, LinkedIn is trying to find ways to leverage its social network into its advertising options without compromising privacy. LinkedIn has announced two new types of advertisements to capture this effort. One of these changes is to display within the ad how many of a user’s contacts recommend or follow the advertising company. The other new advertisement shows relevant people from a user’s contacts within the banner ad. It is possible for users to opt out of being featured in these advertisements.

LinkedIn New Advertising

While LinkedIn specializes in type of contacts that may limit its appeal to the digital agency’s client, the digital agency should think about how to incorporate LinkedIn. Because of its business specialization it may never be as successful as FaceBook, but its specialization makes LinkedIn a particularly viable option for advertising solutions. These new social media marketing features will help LinkedIn advertising attain stickiness and a level of affect that makes FaceBook so successful.

Mashable: New LinkedIn Ads Leverage Recommendations & Follows

New Social Network Tools Offer Potential

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

There are two new social networks, Sonar launched in May and Banjo this morning, which may offer the digital agency a new and inventive way to market for clients. Instead of marking friends and then telling you where those people are, these networks treat locations as the friend and then tell you whom else is nearby. Sonar will also flag the other nearby people by how many FaceBook friends you have in common. Both are available for the iPhone, but only Banjo is currently available for Android.


The verdict is still out on these location friending networks. Effective mobile application development means increasing the apps base usage, so others join up and continue to check in. The other problem plaguing these apps is their counter-intuitiveness. For a brick-and-mortar storefront to appear it would need to be logged into the app and only then would someone else logged in, who also happened to be nearby, see the storefront. Among early adopters, however, that might be precisely why these apps can drive some traffic. If they do take off in popularity then there might be too many nearby contacts to attract much attention, but in the nascent stages it might work very well, especially since the account is free. Digital agency’s using these networks for advertising and social media marketing should wait until there is some growth.

Read Write Web: New Wave of Social Networks Have You “Friending” Your Location

Businesses Need to Better Utilize Twitter

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Data shows that Twitter users are quite likely to ask questions but not to direct those questions with an @ or a hashtag. Many of these users are asking for input from their followers or from businesses. Six out of ten Twitter users wish businesses would answer questions over Twitter and data also shows business replies are as trustworthy as replies from regular users.


This is a high burden for businesses. Monitoring Twitter usage is relatively easy when people use the hashtags or the @ sign. Monitoring Twitter without those tools requires much more time, but the payoff seems entirely worth it. The digital agency needs to incorporate this into its brand monitoring portfolio. It would also be a wise move to incorporate a method of Twitter contact into an advertising campaign. Maybe some users do not use the Twitter tools (hashtag, etc.) because they are not sure about the appropriate use of those tools. The digital agency can incorporate that education as a means of increasing affective communications.

E Marketer: Twitter Users Want Businesses to Answer Them

Cord Cutting May Not Reduce Number of Ad

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Hulu is in negotiations with News Corporation, owner of the Fox networks, to increase the numbers of ads delivered by Fox during Hulu content. Currently, Hulu delivers most of the ads during an episode, however, the networks providing the content are allowed to deliver some of the ads. News Corp wants to deliver more of those ads.

Making the content available online causes a share drop on TV ratings and that causes a revenue drop. Networks would like to be able to carry over some of the same advertisers so those revenues do not drop as significantly. Hulu benefits from carrying networked content because that is what draws the crowds.


Photo: Houston Press Blogs

The bellwether came from the CW Network’s online offerings. In 2010 the CW Network’s online advertising reached almost the same load as the broadcast advertising load. While many would expect this to drop viewership, it actually rose by 55% and 94% of the ads were watched to completion.

Many digital agencies may have felt stymied about advertising on TV content providers. The CW Network’s experiment, however, turns the conventional wisdom about viewers being allergic to ads on its ear. This will probably result in a rise in the amount of ad space available as well as a drop in those prices. This can be expected until certain levels of viewers have cut the cord and then viewership will become allergic to those advertisements. For now, however, we are not at that tipping point.

Ad Age Mediaworks: News Corp.’s Hulu Hope: To Add More Commercials

Calculation Suggests Linkedin is Now Worth Over $2 Billion

Friday, July 30th, 2010

A recent calculation by Bloomberg suggests that Linkedin has now reached the $2 billion mark. With over 60 million members and tools like “LinkedIn Reasearch Network” for market researchers and investors, the LinkedIn brand has made it to one the top 3 social media networking sites worldwide.

Mashable released an article breaking down the math:

Hedge fund Tiger Global Management spent $20 million to acquire approximately a 1% stake in the business social network. The hedge fund specifically paid $21.50 per share.

…According to SharesPost, an online marketplace for privately held companies, LinkedIn has 105 million shares outstanding. Multiply that by the $21.50 Tiger Global Management spent, and you arrive at a valuation of $2.26 billion.

Via Mashable

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LinkedIn and Twitter Join Forces

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Earlier this week, social networking mega-sites LinkedIn and Twitter joined forces. Why it didn’t happen sooner is anyone’s guess.

Both companies, now synced, earn ample benefits from their respective partners, such as data exchange and worthwhile business intelligence. LinkedIn users will able to update their statuses more frequently and appeal to a younger demographic. Twitter can gain access to LinkedIn’s influential and growing user base.

In your LinkedIn settings, you can link your account to Twitter to allow for every tweet to be posted as your LinkedIn status, or just the ones that include either the #li or #in hashtag.

Where this ends up is anyones guess, but for now, enjoy the new networking feature.

LinkedIn Keeps Growing

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

LinkedIn’s blog is reporting they now have over 50 million users worldwide. They say it took almost sixteen months for LinkedIn to reach its first million users. Their last million? Only took 12 days. This comes on the heels of even more good news, as Compete reported a 5.68% growth in traffic for LinkedIn during the month of September.

LinkedIn stats from Compete

LinkedIn says that while 50% of its users are based in the US, 50% are international. An impressive stat that speaks highly to the power and success of LinkedIn. If you have somehow managed to stay away from LinkedIn to this point, now is as good of a time as any to jump on the wagon. Business is being done here, and soon every business man and woman will have their profile on LinkedIn.