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Google Offers Now Comes with Rewards

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Google is retooling its Offers programs to come with better incentives and to better collect data about offline purchases. For now there are only a few participating partners and only MasterCard is the cooperating credit card. Users register a credit card and when the requisite number of purchases is made Google will put money on that card. An example is the partnership with Sonoma Chicken Coop. When a registered customer makes two purchases, then he will find an $8 credit on his credit card bill.


The past few months have seen a drop-off in the daily deals market, as people are either consider them tired gimmicks or the market is saturated or both. However, this new incentive is a boon for the social media agency. The new incentive is likely to increase customer participation even if it is merely because of the novelty.

The other benefit of this initiative will be in the data accumulation it helps Google collect. The largest problem with online selling has always been the offline component. This program will help bridge some of that divide and make them coexist in a manner that can be measured. Google will be able to better see what people are buying and what motivates them to do so. That data will then be able to trickle down to the social media agency and help make conversions. It is possible brands will also find the reinvigorated user base receptive to the offers as an advertising vehicle.

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