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Spotify Launches Brand Apps

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

While Spotify specializes in music streaming, it is also aiming to make itself more like a social network. The social media agency would be wise to start thinking of it as such. Spotify allows friends and sharing. There is even an ability for users to message other friends, so it is not limited to just music.


Next Week Spotify will announce the newest addition, which is very similar to FaceBook: brand apps. Spotify has an API and allows anyone to build a functioning app for free. The first brands to seize the opportunity will be AT&T, McDonald’s and Reebok. The apps will provide a deeper integration for users within the service as well as bring in more users to the service.

Brands can build playlists and even join in partnerships with artists or labels as a way to provide users with music that might be related and also energizing to customers. The social media agency can also use Spotify’s new service to capture some of the sharing that happens as a way to build a customer base for clients.

Spotify Becomes More Like FaceBook

Facebook Updates Friends

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Google+’s big achievement was the Circles innovation. Circles allowed users to share content to only some of the friends on the network. Imagine being able to selectively share pictures from a night out without the fear of potential employers or family uncovering those shared items. A lot of the people flocking to Google+ did so citing this function. Facebook does have a similar function, but it was cumbersome to use and implement. Zuckerburg announced that only 5% of Facebook users actually use Friends. Posterous has even changed its platform from a light blogging service into a social network emphasizing this very advancement. Facebook announced on Tuesday that it is now revamping the Friends application to make it more powerful and easier to implement.


The question for the digital agency is whether or not this advancement makes pages stickier or not. Facebook is not currently at risk from either Google+ or Posterous, but without addressing this problem it seems possible that in time Facebook could face a serious challenge, most likely from Google+. Facebook will start the revamped Friends by creating smart lists, which are a list for ‘close friends’ and another for ‘acquaintances’. They are smart because Facebook will offer recommendations about whom should go into which list. The user then merely needs to accept the recommendations. Whether or not that is easy enough remains in the details of how Facebook determines the recommendations. If it works, then this should actually increase a user’s usage of Facebook. Many people self-censor themselves for fear of someone seeing inappropriate content, but an effective Friends system would eliminate the need for the self-censorship.

This change is not likely to increase Facebook’s user base. It will not hurt the user base, but it seems many people flocking to other services were doing so for reasons more than the Circles function. Despite this caveat, this development is still good news for the digital agency. People’s concerns about Facebook are still being (somewhat) addressed and those people will use Facebook more. Advertising on Facebook will remain and become even more profitable with this development.

New Facebook Friend Lists