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Augmented Reality Can Improve Retail Experience and Boost Sales

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Augmented reality is the ability to create a photo of a real situation and then add something to it, but it still appears to be real. The technology is still nascent, but has shown remarkable improvements over the past few years. Given the improving abilities of mobile devices people can now experience augmented reality as they travel. There are now services willing to help retailers use augmented reality to drive sales and create loyal customers. The social media agency could easily tap into these services or this technology to helps its clients.

augmented reality

GoldRun is a leading service for augmented reality. What is really exciting for the social media agency is GoldRun’s ability to automatically push images from its AR service to a user’s FaceBook wall or Twitter feed. A picture of children playing with a smurf, the smurf added to the picture by the AR service, would make an engaging FaceBook post that could then tie back into a brand’s presence.

Holition is another augmented reality service. While it is not (yet?) optimized for mobile devices, it is effective on desktops to allow users to ‘try on’ virtual luxury items. It will soon offer a sharing function, which will help the digital media agency employ it in creative ways to capture the viral possibilities offered by social networks.

One of the more promising aspects of these augmented reality services is the ability to interact with users differently based upon their locations. Users in San Francisco can receive a different engagement than users in Chicago. This allows scaling, so local businesses can use it as well as large national and international brands. These services can be used to supplement a campaign to create content on a social network that causes a lot of reshares or comments, all the while raising the visibility of a brand and increasing sales.

Augmented Reality May Increase Brand Awareness

Augmented Reality Apps As Advertising

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

The augmented reality app has been around for a few years now, but until recently mobile devices were not powerful enough to make the most of their potential. There has always been a potential to place businesses inside the frame, so when a user looks through the app at a city scene he could see the businesses that are nearby. Certain layers would also help so a ‘pizza’ layer could be applied and the app would then show what pizza vendors are in the frame.


Moosejaw, a retailer of outdoors wear, recently deployed another use for these apps. The app, when pointed to a Moosejaw advertisement, would show the models in the ad in just their underwear. The applicable ads could be old media or new media. The app drew a lot of attention, much of it negative. But the numbers show a 37% growth in sales from the same time period the previous year. Esquire and Starbucks have already used augmented reality apps in the past, but they did not report a growth in sales close to the level Moosejaw is reporting.

The internet marketing firm can take note of this creative use of augmented reality. Maybe copying this exact use is not appropriate, but it shows the power of a creative approach to already existing technology.

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