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Google Analytics Coming to Google+ Accounts

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Google has been updating its Analytics package to make it more powerful and easier for the social media agency to use. One thing missing, however, is social data. There is not (yet?) a pairing with FaceBook or with Twitter for access to that data. Those two social networks seem unlikely to cooperate with Google in any near future. Other social networks, however, might be more receptive. The easy partnership is with Google+ and leaked photos show that integration is coming. The integration appears simple enough, an existing GA account number entered into the appropriate tab and all the Google+ social data is now being tracked into an Analytics account.


It will be easy for users to see the data, as a new tab from within Google+ will show the data, eliminating the need to log into a GA separately. The expected statistics will be measured: visits, pageviews, average time and bounce rate. This is a welcome addition to the social media agency’s arsenal, and will help significantly with measuring the effectiveness of a brand’s Google+ presence. Although, the ultimate problem with Google+ remains. It is relatively small compared to the alternatives. Businesses need to be on both Google+ and FaceBook, but no matter how brand-friendly Google makes the network it will always come in second unless it attracts more users and more frequent usage among its users.

Google+ Becomes Analytical