Google To Release a Business Builder Suite

Google is preparing to release soon its Business Builder Suite, which will help small businesses better market themselves. The suite is a bundle of Google properties put together to help the small business put itself on the internet with minimal hassle. The suite will include a Google+ Local page, AdWords Express, Google Offers, Google Wallet, an in-store loyalty product and a text based feedback mechanism for customers.


This is probably not good news for the social media agency. Part of why small businesses come to the agency is for outsourcing these tasks and now Google will remove some of that need. There are some gaps between what this suite offers and what the agency can do. It is these differences that can be selling points. None of this suite deals with FaceBook or Twitter. There is also not a reputation tracking ability. Search ads are great and important, but increasingly the importance of an online presence is in things that Google will not be helping with.

In the long run this will be a boon for the social media agency because it increases the importance and relevance of online marketing. The Business Builder Suite is great for starting out with, but as companies want to increase their exposure, then they will need to approach he professionals.

WSJ: Google Prepares “Business Builder” For Small Business Marketers

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