Google Enables Local Search Across Platforms

Google now allows people to conduct local searches on a PC and access the history of those searches on mobile devices. It is easy to see how this will be useful, a user can do a local search from home on brunches in a certain area and then go out and access those results from his mobile device.


On the mobile browser a ‘recent’ button on the Google homepage will allow this information to be retrieved. This will be beneficial for those businesses that depend on mobile local searches. Not only will this feature make local searches more prominent by introducing more (some) functionality to a local search on a PC, but it will also make mobile use of local search results easier. Many people may refrain from searching because of the bandwidth issue. This update resolves much of that dilemma.

A second reason this is a useful change for the social media agency is because it promotes better data mining. A user can now move more seamlessly across devices, which will better help Google obtain data about that user on multiple devices. Google will now be better able to see how people use their devices in conjunction with each other and how they are used differently. All in all this will improve the targeting of advertisements to both mobile and non-mobile devices.

Google Enables Local Search

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