FaceBook Testing New Timeline Layout

FaceBook has confirmed that it is testing a new Timeline layout with a small number of users. The layout is not immediately discoverable because it requires going to a specific page for a person or brand. Currently, there are two columns and the stories and activities are then displayed in chronological order alternating from the left column to the right column and down the page. What is different in the new layout is the status updates are now listed serially don the left column. The right column entries are now smaller and include the information that is more automatic and not the entries the user typed into FaceBook.


This is not expected to be a major change for the social media agency. There are now many efforts underway to remove Timeline and maybe this layout change will help assuage some of those efforts. It will make for easier reading, creating the impression of a more seamless record. FaceBook has not said if any brand pages are involved in the redesign, but when the redesign becomes final, then a brand’s page will be easier to read. The social media agency might find old updates gain more engagements, as users will have an easier time navigating a brand’s page and seeing older updates.

Facebook tests Timeline layout with single column posts

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