Facebook Mobile Ads for Apps Shows Success

Adparlor is a marketing partner of Facebook and it has released data from a month long study recently concluded about the viability of mobile ads in the Facebook newsfeed. Average click through rates for these ads is close to .5%, which is a remarkably high percentage compared to other advertising units across the industry.


One of the specific types of ads the study focused on was for app installs. The numbers were very encouraging. The average cost of each install is less than $3, so the return on the advertising is well worth the advertising cost.

For the digital marketing agency the easy lesson is for those who sponsor apps. Apps can be very effective at delivering messages and these results show advertising on Facebook mobile is an effective way to do so. The other lesson is that more and more apps are being installed and many of those apps use advertising as an income stream. The social media will see more and more opportunities for advertising on mobile devices as people turn more and more to apps.

Early Studies Show Facebook Mobile App Install Ads Perform Well For Devs, Indicating Big Revenue Potential

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