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Instagram Adding Video

Monday, June 17th, 2013

It has been reported that on June 20 Instagram will be able to not only take pictures, but record video. This new feature on Instagram is reported to be in response to the Vine app, that has recently reached 13 million users. Facebook owns Instagram, and Twitter own Vine, so each company is in constant battle to one-up each other.

Photo Credit: FuzheadoPhoto Credit: Fuzheado

Vine shares have beat Instagram shares on Twitter, mostly due to the fact that Twitter owns the Vine app and it is easier to share the content immediately. Vine has 2.6 million shares on Twitter, while Instagram has 2.17 million shares. Facebook wants to direct user traffic and shares back to Instagram.

After Facebook bought Instagram, they altered the app so that those who post Instagram pictures on Twitter cannot view the photos directly. When clicking on the link via Twitter, users are directed to the separate Instagram page. However, when users click on the Vine link via Twitter, they can immediately view the video. The convenience factor is part of the reason why Vine has become so popular among Twitter users.

By combining the picture and video into one app, it is believed that Vine users will go back to solely using Instagram because it will be more convenient to have everything in one application. In comparison to the six-second videos that can be shot with Vine, the Instagram app will have videos that can last five to 10 seconds in length. Video apps are very sought out by advertisers who want to use internet marketing to promote their products, which is yet another reason for Facebook to take advantage of this new video craze and add it to Instagram. It is yet to be reported how Facebook will set up Instagram video, mainly will it be continuous five to 10 second video or stop-and-go video like Vine has.

Source: Instagram Will Get Video On June 20

Two-Factor Verification on Twitter: Yay or Nay?

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

A few months ago, the Associated Press Twitter account was hacked. This is not the first time hackers have gotten into the accounts of verified brands, but it is one of the most significant, because a wayward tweet caused a drop in the stock market. With enormous brand reputations on the line, it can be extremely detrimental for brands to lose control of their social media accounts.

<a href=by MDGovpics

With the prevalence of hackings of brands that have been verified on the site, Twitter has made plans to bolster security on its site through a two-step verification process. This process will make it harder for outsiders to gain access to an account, as in addition to a password, the measure also requires that a code be sent as a text message to a user’s mobile phone, or generated on another device. The code also changes after each login attempt. This new feature is crucial for Twitter accounts that represent brands, high-profile people, or organizations, because hacks can cause much embarrassment. Moreover, hacks can spread malware, damage reputations, and even affect markets and stocks.

Although these measures come with new security and defense against hackers, it also comes at a cost. Social media agencies and those in charge of their brands’ social media accounts may find the two-step verification to be an annoying gateway to go through. For the sake of security and overall peace of mind, however, the process may be worth the hassle.

Why Twitter Two-Factor Authentication is a Pain for Brand Managers

Coming Today: A Facebook Phone?

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Today is a day. Facebook might boom with success or fail dramatically. Everyone has been looking forward to finally hear what the social media giant has prepared for us. Few days ago, Facebook invited press to its event of the month “Come See Our New Home On Android” that would take place in its headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

Photo By TechnoCruze

Photo By TechnoCruze

But what should we expect?

Some say it might be a modified version of the Android operating system with native Facebook functionality that would include Facebook search graph on the device’s homescreen. Others ensure that it might be a mystical “Facebook Phone” everyone was talking about for a long time now. However, the rumor says it is not going to be a full-on rewrite of Android, but rather an extra “flavor” with all sorts of Facebook functionality built in.

For the Internet marketing agency, a mobile device with built in Facebook functions might be a huge advantage, yet, a big challenge. First of all, it means more customer coverage. It would be easier to target people who have chosen this device, as they would use Facebook for everything – search, messaging, and making calls. However, with a Facebook phone in the market, Internet marketing agencies should seriously consider Facebook open search graph as a main Google search competitor. Therefore, a need for its optimization would emerge.

Facebook To Reveal “Home On Android” Sources Say Is A Modified OS On HTC At 4/4Event.

Facebook Testing Another Timeline Layout

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Last month a new Timeline design was discovered to be in testing. Now there are new screenshots of a new design also being tested. This design reduces the Timeline to a single column. That column is on the user’s left side of the screen and the right hand column is then replaced with Open Graph activity (friends, apps used, etc.) the big concern Facebook seems to be addressing with this layout is about loading the current Timeline. The posts move around as more and more timeline content loads.

Facebook takes notes

Photo by Sarah.Marshall

Even though these two designs are only being tested, it is encouraging for the social media agency. This shows that Facebook is taking the complaint, even though it may seem frivolous to some, seriously and trying to make changes to accommodate those criticisms. This is a good sign if anyone questioned Facebook’s dedication to its users. This will also help the Michigan social media agency because it makes the Timeline page of a brand much more accessible. That is important since that is where the organic likes come from, on that page. It is also important to keep users on a brand’s page as the past content loads to create maximum exposure.

US Leaning on EU Over New Privacy legislation

Monday, January 21st, 2013

The European Union is in the midst of working out new legislation that would govern internet interactions. At risk is legislation that makes it harder to collect data on internet users. This action would make targeted advertising more difficult as well as collecting data for the social networks that is useful determining user preferences.

Photo Credit: YanniKouts

Even though the legislation will only effect businesses operating in Europe it will have implications for businesses in the US. If legislation there is more stringent, then it will help solidify resistance over here, making it easier for similar restrictions to pass through US Congress. The European legislation also governs US firms operating over there. By creating a two-tiered system it may simply be cheaper to just conform to EU policy and operate in the US without fully maximizing potential. That operation would then change the norm here and eventually have an effect on US policy.

As of now the US Chamber of Commerce has not responded to the EU deliberation. Facebook has been very active lobbying against these efforts as well as the US government. This is a trending story that needs to be followed closely as it will have significant effects on operations in the US for all digital agencies.

US Government Still Leaning On Europe To Dilute Data Protection Reform Proposals

The Importance of a Summer Learning Program

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Summer is synonymous with fun, sun, and vacations. But, if you are a parent of an elementary school-aged child, studies show you should add a summer learning program to your summer activities. A summer learning program is crucial in helping children retain what they have learned during the school year. According to the National Summer Learning Agency, students lose two months of mathematical skills over the summer. This figure is even higher with low income children because of their sometimes inability to participate in summer camps which often have a learning component.

ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program:

ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program

(Click on image for more information)

In the article, “This is Your Brain on Summer”, Jeff Smink reports that summer learning loss is cumulative and affects students’ performance ability in their high school, post high school studies, and workforce preparedness, dramatically. This is attributed to not regularly solving math problems and not actively reading and writing over summer. Not having a summer learning program forces kids to have to ‘relearn’ what they have forgotten over the summer. The solution to keeping your child engaged with math and reading over the summer is to make sure they maintain a balance of fun and learning. Preventing learning loss now will help ensure a brighter future later.

Facebook Mobile Ads for Apps Shows Success

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Adparlor is a marketing partner of Facebook and it has released data from a month long study recently concluded about the viability of mobile ads in the Facebook newsfeed. Average click through rates for these ads is close to .5%, which is a remarkably high percentage compared to other advertising units across the industry.


One of the specific types of ads the study focused on was for app installs. The numbers were very encouraging. The average cost of each install is less than $3, so the return on the advertising is well worth the advertising cost.

For the digital marketing agency the easy lesson is for those who sponsor apps. Apps can be very effective at delivering messages and these results show advertising on Facebook mobile is an effective way to do so. The other lesson is that more and more apps are being installed and many of those apps use advertising as an income stream. The social media will see more and more opportunities for advertising on mobile devices as people turn more and more to apps.

Early Studies Show Facebook Mobile App Install Ads Perform Well For Devs, Indicating Big Revenue Potential

Inforum: A New Kind of Business Forum

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

One of the largest and most prestigious business forums in the Midwest, and completely unique in the United States, Inforum is empowering Michigan business women by helping them lead and succeed in the business world. Opportunities are available for programming and networking in Southeast, Southwest, West and Mid-Michigan for all members.

Empowering Michigan Business Women for 50 Years

With more than 1,800 members throughout Michigan, Inforum represents a broad cross-section of the business community. Their mission is to “connect women through a network of thought leaders and best-in-class training and programming to help them optimize their personal and professional potential and achieve success.” Forging alliances, discussing vital civic and business issues and making connections to help accelerate careers are just a few examples of what Inforum wishes for their members.

With the core values of integrity, inclusion, influence, inspiration and innovation, Inforum wants all members to be involved, no matter their level of professional development. Their vision is to train women of all levels to make a difference in their communities and help progress women’s place in business even further.

With multiple leadership programs and regularly scheduled events, Inforum is doing their best to turn their mission into a success. Empowering Michigan business women for over 50 years, Inforum is a one of a kind place to learn and grow in your profession.

Adwords Updates Its Interface

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

A problem with AdWords is the millions of available keywords available. Measuring the success of those keywords is a cumbersome task and that is assuming the ‘no referrer data’ problem did not exist. It does exist outside the Google ecosystem, so it is a benefit that AdWords has now updated its interface to allow advertisers better access to keyword success rates.


The new report, it is actually a new column within the reports, shows which keywords triggered the impression of the ad. It does not yet show which keywords triggered an ad that was not clicked on. It seems likely that AdWords will one day provide that data as well. For now though, this is a boon for the social media agency when it comes to finessing keywords and ad bidding processes.

Another update to AdWords’ interface is in impression share reporting. Search and display impressions are now shown separately and the advertiser is now able to segment the data into time of day, as well as other factors. This new data can then be directly applied into the rules governing ad groups.

Part of the reason paid searching is s productive as an investment is because of the increasing targeting ability. Google’s refinements only make that more likely. The value of social media notwithstanding, the social media agency needs to make sure it retains competency with paid search marketing.

Paid Search To Become More Complex in 2013

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

At last week’s SMX East Conference a paneled was convened among paid search experts to talk about what the future of the digital marketing industry will be like. Some of the comments had some surprising implications for the social media agency. One of the topics of discussion was about the growing split between campaigns among PCs, mobile and tablet devices. All of the panelists agree that the social media agency needs to divide mobile and non-mobile paid search dollars. This split is important because mobile dollars buy more and require a different landing page as well as some other differences in keywords that are often searched for on mobile devices and not on PCs. Most of the panelists agree that combining tablet and PC searches is safe, but only for now. As tablets become more complex and they become more frequent, then the prudent advertiser will need to target tablets as their own category.

Paid search advertising will also increasingly draw from social cues on FaceBook and Twitter and other services that may not yet exist. Increasingly the paid search experts will be looking to the social media agency for guidance and knowledge about the social cues. What the agency needs to begin doing now to accommodate this increasingly complex environment is to begin treating clients with an eye for more sophistication. The agency also needs to begin acting as thought people and not keywords are being targeted. This orientation will help the agency place itself as a leader in the coming world.