AdWords for Video Now Open To All

Google’s AdWords for Video is the service that brings video ads to brands. Until recently, however the service was available only to large brands, but now Google has opened the service up to anyone and is particularly interested in finding small businesses to begin advertising with the service.


YouTube offers advertisers two methods of payment. One is that the advertiser only pays if the ad is watched. Viewers are given an opportunity to opt out of an ad after a certain amount of time has ben reached. The second charging option for advertisers is to be charged only if the viewer watches at least 30 seconds of the video.

AdWords is also updating its service to help brands, especially the smaller ones that are not as experienced with the new formats. AdWords will offer an estimate of views given a certain set of advertisement parameters. The platform has also been updated to look more like the normal AdWords platform, so there is less confusion when adopting the new service. The final update is an ability to see what the viewer does after the ad is seen. If the user moves on to the brand’s channel and subscribes, then that is reported.

All of these changes will help the social media agency. Video is an increasingly effective and lucrative form of advertising. The new changes not only open up the service to many social media agencies but also allow brands to see what other actions of value might be related to individual videos.

Google AdWords for video is now open to small and medium size businesses

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